X5 ミュージックプレーヤー Fiio社 運動会 クリスマス 結婚祝 引っ越し祝い 子どもの日

商品名X5 ミュージックプレーヤー Fiio社
商品仕様FiiO X5 High Resolution Lossless Music Playern
商品説明The X5 utilises the Ingenics 4760B dual-core 600MHz CPU. The X5 supports all six major lossless music formats - DSD, APE, FLAC, ALAC, WMA and WAV lossless music formats. This is the most complete set of supported formats to date among Hi-Fi DAPs. The X5 even decodes Apple’s proprietary ALAC format seamlessly.The X5 serves not only as a DAP, but also as a USB DAC when connected to a computer, thus satisfying your music needs in and out of the house. The DAC also supports playback in 192KHz / 24 Bit for that truly high-resolution sound.Using a quad balanced power supply the X5 achieves bipolar output without using coupling capacitors. This avoids any coupling noise from capacitors. The X5 features 2 Micro SD card slots and supports up to 128GB (64GBx2) of cards. There are also plans to support 256GB and 512GB with future firmware upgrades.The device has a 2.4” IPS color LCD All-new mechanical scroll wheel (using Alps rotary switch components from Japan). All new custom UI forged from years of experience and feedback. Mechanical interface can be operated out of eyesight and shortcut keys allow fast access to essential options. You will have quick access to songs and batch addition of songs to favorites collection.The FiiO X5 comes with three output ports: headphone out, line out and coaxial digital output. Apart from connecting directly to headphones, you can also connect it to other DACs and amps. The X5 features 120 levels of digital volume control. Low gain/high gain available to adapt to the different sensitivity levels of headphones and earphones. If the players exceed the maximum voltage and/or current levels, a relay will switch to protect your headphones/earphones from damage.


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